Saturday, 24 August 2013

Skin Care in the masculine: my point of view

A growing number of men who take daily care of the skin of your face. It has recently been also prepared a paper by the American Academy of Dermatology, dedicated specifically to how to combat facial aging men and products that should not miss in your care.
I agree on some of the points highlighted in this document - which you can read various excerpts in a recent article, but not everything that is supported in my opinion is correct.
Let's start first with the theme "shaving". "The hairs of the beard protect a little 'face and contribute to a lower formation of facial wrinkles," the text reads. Contrary to what is emphasized, shaving is a panacea against skin aging. By removing dead skin cells and encouraging the formation of younger cells to replace old ones that are removed with the razor blade, shaving is, in fact, one of the reasons why the skin on the face of men age better than women. The effect is, in practice, the same as a gentle peeling that men every morning perform unconsciously.


Support then that "it is good that people learn to use a daily sunscreen with a sun filter" is equally misleading. The protection should be used only if you are in the sun for so long. As I have often had the opportunity to support a proper daily amount of sunlight is healthy for the skin and the body. If you are using "every day" a protective cream instead you run the risk of incurring the opposite effect: the cells end up losing training to defend themselves from UV rays so the skin becomes more vulnerable. In this regard, I note that it is also true that the UV rays are a risk factor for the occurrence of melanoma, but at the same time it is curious to observe that melanomas are more common in the areas covered, while those of the face or back of the hands are less usual.
One last comment on "Botox and beauty." Is constantly increasing the number of patients, including many celebrities, repent of botox not only for purely cosmetic reasons (the known effects are those of a face absolutely expressionless, which has nothing to do with the "real beauty"), but even for serious consequences that fast "pinprick" have caused to their health. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that botulinum toxin may also act at a distance, with a number of complications in some cases very serious, that arrive even paralysis.
I turn finally to the readers of my website. How you take care of your skin regularly? What precautions do you follow? And above all, you are in favor of a "genuine beauty" and "no botox" just as I am?