Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How Losing Weight With LCHF Helps Save Children’s Lives in Amazonas

Hi Doc,

Two and a half years ago my partner and I stumbled on your site after reading a post on Facebook about the butter shortage in Sweden. We’d been struggling to find a way to lose the weight and the standard advice of eat less, low fat and more healthy whole grains wasn’t working. We bought a treadmill. We bought low fat stuff. We tried to starve ourselves. None of it worked and we were miserable. You know the story. After finding your site we started LCHF and never looked back. In 6-8 months I’d lost 60 pounds to get down to 140 pounds (5' 8?). Kerri, my partner, lost 40. All this time later we’ve kept it off and have never felt better. To say that your crusade of reason has saved our lives is an understatement. More importantly, in a round about way, it’s saved other lives as well.

I sometimes fly an air ambulance airplane in the amazon basin in Southern Guyana on a volunteer basis. 60 pounds is enough to enable me to carry an extra child out to the hospital from a remote village and a really short, dirt airstrip. Weight is everything when flying the edge of the envelope and there have been a few times when that lost weight allowed me to put another child on the plane whereas before I couldn’t.

Thank you Andreas!


And thanks to you, Cate, for your inspiring story, and congratulations on your own health improvements!

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