Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tumours: fitness protects against cancer even after 20 years

Being in good physical shape protects from cancer, even after 20 years. A new study reveals that a high level of fitness to 50 years in men is associated not only to fewer cases of cancer but also to a mortality piĆ  low, both for neoplasms that for cardiovascular diseases.


Research University of Vermont - which examined the medical records of more than 17,000 men analyzed for the first time in the '70s - is the first to establish a lower mortality even among those who develop cancer but was in good shape athletic to 50 years. The survey measured the level of athleticism of the volunteers with the unit of measure 'MET', which calculates the resistance on the treadmill at the maximum inclination and speed of men.

These outcomes after 25 years with more than 3,000 men, those who were in better physical shape at age 50 showed 68% less risk of having a cancer of the lungs, and 38% had cancer of the colon. As for mortality, for each level of 'fitness' in more risk of death from cancer fell by 14%, heart ailments by 23%.
This study is very important as it establishes that the cardio-respiratory fitness is an independent factor in predicting the risk of cancer and their prognosis in men.

Source: Reuters